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WALK ON BY – Images and impressions of the Twelfth in Ulster

Glenwood Publications, First Floor, 316 Shankill Road, Belfast, BT13 3AB.  2003.  ISBN 095425731 6  £2.99 Walk on By cover image

THIS IS an excellent booklet telling of the Twelfth as it is, and not how the media have portrayed it in recent years as some sort of undisciplined and undignified rabble.

As our Great Bard, here in Scotland famously said so many years ago:-



As “others who see us” very often come to their opinion from a very strange perspective, such as Joan Burnie of the Daily Rebel [once called the Daily Record] who seems to consider that life is about how long she should be stuck in a traffic jam, and how these terrible Orange people would spit on her green coat.  During all her research, you would have thought she would have discovered the significance of the colour green to the Orange system.  [The Williamite Army’s distinguishing mark of green and the degree of Royal Green]. 

I am reminded of a story told to me last year by the County Grand Master of the East of Scotland after the Parade in Broxburn.  On spying Richard Holloway past leader of the Scottish Episcopal Church, who was in attendance to do an article for the Sunday Herald, Brother J.G. McLean invited Richard Holloway to accompany him on the parade through Broxburn to the field.  As the parade moved off, Brother McLean commented that the crowds were four deep on each side of the street.  A little later he said they seem to be about six deep now and further on about eight in depth.  As the parade reached the town centre he said to Mr. Holloway “The crowd is at least ten deep on each side of the street now.   By the way, what was it that gave you the idea that we were not wanted?”  Nobody will be surprised to learn that this did not appear in his Sunday Herald article.

So to read the piece by Niklas van Tran of Rotterdam - who described the Orange Order in general and the Twelfth in particular, from an angle that surmounted the media hype of a sectarian frenzy - was indeed refreshing in this day and age.  He saw it as I recall myself seeing it as a very young boy [not yesterday of course] as a kaleidoscope of colour and sounds that I have never forgotten, and still enjoy today.

O how I longed to wear an Orange Collarette, carry a sword, beat a big drum and lead the band.  I remember my imagination telling me I would do all these things at the same time, I have done all of them, though not all at, one at a time!   I am sure many youngsters feel the same today.  I say to them go for it you will never ever regret it.

It is also time, as the booklet does, to remind ourselves and others that without our forebears' actions there would be considerably less freedom of worship and Civil and Religious liberty practiced today.  A point we as Orangemen should be continually making to the world at large.

Finally, I would encourage all who purchase this booklet to pass it on to the Non –Orange among your acquaintances in the hope they may see things as they actually are.

Archie McCulloch PM, Sons of the Clyde, LOL 401, Overtown


A new booklet called Walk on By gives a breakdown of what the Protestant culture is about and the truth behind the hate campaign carried out by those in the republican/ nationalist grouping. The booklet looks at the real reasons why the Protestant people turn out in such fine form and those who travel from all over the world to celebrate one of the biggest parades and events in the world, "the 12th July". 

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IF LOOKING for an introduction to the Orange, with particular focus on the marching season in general and the Twelfth in particular, this makes excellent reading.

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I THOUGHT that this small booklet was very good.  It was very interesting and left me wondering about other peoples views and stories about the Twelfth.

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WHEN I read the booklet Walk On By - Images and impressions of the Twelfth in Ulster, I found many interesting points of view in short articles about Ulster’s most important day to remember King Billy and the Battle of the Boyne.

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For a copy of Walk On By send a cheque/Postal Order Order (made payable to Glenwood Publications) for £2.990 (including p & p) to: 

Glenwood Publications, First Floor, 316 Shankill Road, Belfast, BT13 3AB. To read another review of this booklet click here.

If you are sending cash, make sure it is very well concealed. To keep track of your booklet, e-mail orders@the-twelfth.org.uk when you've placed your order.  We will e-mail you back when your order has been received and dispatched.

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