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Newshound.  What's going on in Ulster today?  The top stories, news commentaries and backgrounds from newspapers and media outlets throughout Ulster, Ireland, Great Britain and further afield.  Bookmark this site and never buy a newspaper again!  Registration required. 

The Cain Project is an ambitious project which gathers together material on the Ulster conflict from all sides.  This is valuable for research and for anyone trying to understand what makes so many Ulsterfolk tick. Check out http://cain.ulst.ac.uk/

Ulster History and Culture

South Belfast Friends of the Somme Association

Battle of the Boyne location

Ballyclare and District
Historical Society

Public Record Office


Canada Ulster Heritage

Federation for Ulster Local Studies

Somme Association

Scotch-Irish heritage

Carrickfergus Historical Re-enactment Group

King William III: Bigot or Hero


Different Drums of Ireland


Orange Arch


Ulster Culture

Culture Northern Ireland   Linen Hall Library Ulster Covenant
Ulster Explained Loyalist Music archive Calton Radio
North of Ireland Family History Society

Loyalist FM radio

Ulster Society




Community sites 

FAIR - Families Acting for Innocent Relatives

Shankill Mirror


North Antrim Community Network


NICVA - Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action

Solidarity: the Union for British Workers

Community NI

Féile an Phobail

Civil Liberty

Shankill Radio

Marching bands



Bands Forum in partnership with Ulster Bands Association

United Loyalist Bands Discussion Forum

Lambeg Orange and Blue

Millar Memorial Flute Band

Mourne Young Defenders

Mossley Crown Defenders

Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster

Pomeroy True Blues

Kilcluney Volunteers Flute Band

Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band

Giant's Causeway Protestant Boys Flute Band

Sir George White Memorial FB

Pride of Ballinran, Kilkeel

King William True Blues

Drumderg Loyalists Flute Band

 Pride of the Hill, Carnmoney

Listooder True Blues Flute Band

Lisburn Young Defenders FB

Ballynafeigh Apprentice Boys Flute Band

East Belfast Protestant Boys FB

Portadown Defenders FB Pride of the Park Flute Band, Armoy

Pride of the Shankill FB

West Belfast Volunteers FB

Shankill Road Defenders FB

Whitewell Defenders FB

Scottish bands



Rullion Green Covenanters Flute Band

East of Scotland Flute Band Association

Pride of Clarkston FB, Airdrie

Cambuslang Britannia Flute Band

Airdrie Argyle Accordion Band

Wrangholm Defenders FB

Prince William's Young Defenders FB

Pride of Larkhall FB

Andrew Murphy Memorial FB

Crown Accordion Band Ardrossan Winton Flute Band

Dalry Young Citizens FB

Kirkintilloch Young Conquerors FB Netherton Road FB Pride of the Grange Volunteer FB
Town Young Defenders FB Saracen Flute Band Thornliebank Flute Band

English Bands

Luton and Bedford Lambeg Drumming Club

Blackpool First Flute Band

Col. Saunderson Memorial Band, Liverpool

Imperial Corps of Drums, Liverpool

Corby Purple Star

Overseas Bands

Pride of the Hill True Blues FB Toronto, Ontario Canada John Kernoghan Memorial Accordion Band, Ontario, Canada Derry Flute Band, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cambridge Crown Defender FB, Ontario, Canada

Ulster Accordion Band, Ontario, Canada

Irish Republican Bands

Vol Tom Williams RFB, Glasgow

loyal orders 



Apprentice Boys of Derry

Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland

Royal Black Institution

Independent Loyal Orange Institution Brampton LOL5, Canada

 Ballymoney Mitchelburne ABoD

Loyal Orange Ladies Association of the United States of America United LOL228, New York City

St Paul's Church Defenders, LOL1960, Belfast

Carrickfergus District LOL19 Brisbane Somme Memorial ILOL1716


Friends of the Institution 

Calton Protestant Defenders LOL221

Metropolitan Provincial Grand Orange Lodge of England

Orange Chronicle Newtownards District LOL No 4 Ulster Volunteers LOL1216
Woodburn Ebenezer LOL787




Northern Ireland Assembly

Ulster Unionist Party

Political demography in Northern Ireland

Democratic Unionist Party

Progressive Unionist Party

Alliance Party

Conservative Party (in N. Ireland)

Workers' Party

Communist Party of Ireland

Social Democratic & Labour Party

British National Party (in Ulster)

Sinn Féin


Irish Republican Socialist Party

Republican Sinn Féin

Socialist Workers' Party

Slugger O'Toole

Northern Ireland Elections

Socialist Party

Ogra Sinn Féin

Related sites



Ulster Nation Third Way Glenwood Publications
St George's Day Committee


Mother Earth
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