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Twelfth 2003 on DVD & video

Celebrating the Twelfth 2003!

12th DVD wraparound coverThis year’s Twelfth celebrations were one of the best for many years.  The weather was lovely.  The crack was mighty and the carnival atmosphere lacking in recent years began to re-emerge.  Recapture those memories of a perfect Twelfth by purchasing our Twelfth 2003 DVD.  This DVD is region-free, so you can send copies to relatives in North America , Australia or anywhere in the world.

There’s much more to this DVD than footage of the parade.  There are lots of extras too.  Learn the background to the conflict.  Find out more about King Billy, King James, Schomberg, Sarsfield and the other protagonists.  See where the battles took place.  Listen to music from some of Ulster’s finest marching bands on the jukebox.  It’s all here on this super DVD.  

A VHS (PAL) video is now also available by popular demand.  There's not so many extra features as on the DVD, but some folk still prefer the good old-fashioned video.  This video will not play properly on North American NSTC format machines.  All you would see is a black and white image.

This DVD is available for £17.00 from our office or £18.00 including post and packing by first class mail.  Readers in Éire and other EU countries can get a copy for €30.00 (airmail).  North American readers can get a copy for US$32.00 (airmail).  The video can be had for £11.00 including post and packing.  Readers in Éire and other EU countries can get a copy for €20.00 (airmail).  

UK readers should make cheques or postal orders payable to Glenwood Publications.  We cannot accept overseas cheques owing to horrendous bank charges.  It would almost be cheaper to pay you.  Instead, readers in Europe and North America should send well-concealed cash only at their own risk.  If you are sending cash, make sure it is very well concealed. Cash is sent at your own risk.

If you have e-mail you can check the progress of your order. Simply e-mail orders@the-twelfth.org.uk when you have posted your order off. We’ll e-mail you when your order has been received and dispatched. 


Wear the flag! 

Discreet enamel Ulster National Flag badge, (12mm x 9mm).  Available for £2.50 including post and packing in British postage stamps.  North American customers are requested to send $5.00 in well-concealed cash.  Customers in Éire and other European countries should send €4.00 in well-concealed cash.


We have just issued a new range of keyrings.  These clear acrylic keyrings measure 40mm x  55mm and each carry two designs.  The range of designs are as follows:

Ulster National Flag backed with Confederate Battle Flag.

Ulster National Flag backed with Third National Confederate Flag.

Ulster National Flag backed with  Ulster map and Ulster First slogan.

Ulster-Scots Red Hand and Thistle backed with crossed Ulster National and Confederate Battle Flags.

Available for £1.50 each in British postage stamps or £5.00 for the complete set.  North American readers can send $3.00 in well-concealed cash or $10.00 for the complete set.  Customers in Éire and other European countries should send €2.50 in well-concealed cash or €8.00 for the complete set.



Ulster Nation back issues still available

We have a limited number of Ulster Nation back issues still available.  Once they're gone, they're gone!  £1.50 each in stamps or $3.00 in well-concealed cash.  Five mixed issues (our choice) for £5.00 or $10.00.

 Current issue

Issue 36 of Ulster Nation is now in production.  

Don't miss it.  We'll send you an evaluation copy for £1.50 in British postage stamps,  €3.00 in coins taped securely to a piece of folded card inside an envelope, or a US$2.00 bill. 

Subscribe today.  See the Ulster Nation  Home Page for subscription details.  


Other publications

Northern Ireland Politics - booklet 1

The Real McCoy.  W F McCoy: Prophet of Ulster-nationalism

David Kerr

The Real McCoy is the first volume in our planned series of Northern Ireland politics booklets.  These are designed to promote interest in all aspects of Ulster politics from an Ulster-nationalist perspective.

William Frederick McCoy was the unionist MP for South Tyrone in the old Northern Ireland Parliament.  He caused uproar among the cosy Unionist Party establishment of the 1940s and early 1950s when he called for total legislative independence within the Empire - 'Dominion Status' - for Ulster.  This new booklet from the editor of Ulster Nation tells his story.  

Copies are available for £2.50 in Ulster and Great Britain.  Please make cheques  or Postal Orders payable to Glenwood Publications.  Copies in North America can be had via airmail by sending US$5.00 in well-concealed cash.  Copies are also available from Amazon books.Amazon Co UK



Third Way magazine - issue 32.  This new-look issue carries a long conversation with Rabbi Mayer Schiller when he visited Ulster during the Twelfth week of July 2000.  It also carries an update on Ulster's so-called 'peace process' from Ulster Nation's editor, David Kerr.  

There's a thoughtful look at the internet and its political uses and the role of elections for the Third Way movement.  There's lots more in this excellent issue.  Send £1.50 in stamps or US$3.00 in well-concealed cash for your copy.


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