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guest review

We Shall Remember

Sons of Ulster Flute Band

THE Sons of Ulster Flute Band was formed in 1999 in memory of UVF Volunteer, Noel Kinner.  High standards are demanded both in membership and performance, standards of which Noel himself would undoubtedly have approved.

This, their first CD, exudes class from start to finish.  From the Dedication onwards, the band treat the listener to a fine selection of tunes which include old favourites like No Surrender and Boyne Water.  They also perform a terrific rendition of Rabbie Burns and an excellent, rousing interpretation of the much-loved classic, Carrickfergus. 

Whether a preference is for Blood and Thunder or Melody, this is a CD all can enjoy.  Also included are four vocal tracks: the poignant Ballad of Noel Kinner, the hopeful A Prisonerís Freedom, a superb drum-led version of The Gunrunners and the beautiful Spirit of Ulster.

The Sons of Ulster have produced a CD they can be proud of and in doing so have proved themselves to be men of note in every respect.  They deserve success and if this CD is anything to go by their music will be heard the length and breadth of the UK and beyond.  All in all, an excellent debut.

Iain Muir.

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