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I REMEMBER being seven or eight years old and standing at the side of the road outside my Granny's house in Cessnock (an area of Glasgow ) with my dad.  

When I heard the parade first approach I didnít know what to expect. The streets were lined with people all anticipating what was to come. I can vividly remember the feeling of wonder and excitement as I heard the bang of the bass drums in the distance.  You could feel the earth tremble beneath your feet! And then I heard the flutes.  

As I stood at the side of the road for what seemed like an eternity, waiting on the parade reaching us, I wondered why people were coming out of their houses, shops etc to line the streets. They obviously knew what was coming, at that time I never.  

Then all of a sudden the traffic stopped. It seemed like a ghost town for a few minutes and then I saw the banners and flags, coming along the Paisley Road West . Itís a sight I will never forget.  

I remember every band that passed, the Ďstick mení at the front spinning their sticks all around their bodies and then firing it up into the air.  They were superb. The bands wore different uniforms, played different tunes and every lodge that passed waved to the crowded streets and made us feel part of the parade. We were part of the parade!  

After that I decided to join the Orange Order. I joined the Juniors and Juveniles and then progressed into the Adult Lodge.  

Stewart Mackay

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