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Celebrating 1690 the Year of European Freedom. 
The Twelfth 2004 social evening at Brampton, Ontario.  All pictures supplied by Violet and Jack Weston, Canada.

A large audience for the Shankill Road lads. Shankill Road Defenders FB Brampton social evening
Waving the Ulster Flag in Ontario. The lads put on a dance routine. A standing ovation for the Shankill lads.
Beating out those bass rythyms! Having a great time. A great night out.
Violet shows off her colours Linfield supporters turn out too. Violet flies the flag.
Toronto County LOL's 184th  Twelfth Parade, July 10th 2004. 
All pictures supplied by Harry Grattan.
  Bro Tom Plunkett  from Detroit LOLin the Ontario parade.

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