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Eleventh Night, Shankill Road, Belfast July 11th 2003

This year, in order to promote the family party atmosphere that many older Ulsterfolk remember, the Shankill Road was closed to traffic for a stretch outside the Co-op supermarket from the early evening.  Bouncy castles, sumo wrestling, a bull ride game, a large inflatable slide, a barbeque,  live music and a DJ outside the Rex Bar drew crowds of all ages from all over the Shankill area and further afield.  There were also visitors from Scotland, England, Canada, Australia and even a girl from South Korea!

S1010012.jpg (193608 bytes)

children on the bouncy slide

traffic diverted to let the fun begin

Celebrations on the road

The bouncy slide

Traffic diverted for the fun

trying to stay on the bull's back

eleventh night celebrations 2003

riding the bull

Riding the bull

Another brave girl tries to stay on the bull

Ballymena Lambeg drummers make themselves heard.

A closer look at the Lambegs

Crowd, including Korean visitor, watch Lambegs depart.

Ballymena Lambeg drummers

A closer look at the Lambegs

Crowds watch the Lambegs depart.

The Twelfth, Lisburn Road, Belfast July 12th 2003

These are the first pictures from the main Belfast parade.  They were taken on the Lisburn Road in the south of the city.  The parade leaves Clifton Street Orange Hall in the north of the city, proceeds through the city centre, out along the Lisburn Road, Balmoral Avenue, Malone Road and Shaw's Bridge to the field on the southern outskirts of the city.  We would appreciate pictures from readers all over Ulster.  Please send us prints or pictures in JPEG format.  We especially want pictures from parades outside Belfast and even from further abroad: England, Scotland, Éire and Canada. 

Jesus saves.  Evangelical procession gives notice.  They're on their way.

Not all collarettes are orange.

The first band of the Belfast procession.

Jesus saves - evangelical procession  Not all collarettes are Orange.

First band

No. 2 District officers.

Sweltering in the heat: drawback of high-collared tunics.

drum-major steps out in style

No. 2 District officers

Sweltering in the heat

Stepping out in style

Orangewomen on parade

No. 8 District bannerette/

visiting Scottish band

Orangewomen on parade Number 8 District bannerette

Visiting Scottish band (or SRDFB?)

Colourful drum-major.

Visitors from Imperial Blues, Paisley.

Halfway there!  Taking a breather en-route.

Colourful drum-major

Imperial Blues, Paisley

Taking a breather en-route

Prange parade marshal keeps order.

Colin Caldwell Memorial Flute Band, Rathcoole.

Clashing cymbals

Orange parade marshal keeps order

Colin Caldwell Memorial FB, Rathcoole

Clashing cymbals

keepin the beat

Struggling with the banner.

Ladies of Windsor Presbyterian Church prepare refreshments.

Keeping the beat

Struggling with the banner Ladies of Windsor Presbyterian church

Young bandsmen strut their stuff

Whether kilk or suit, walking out in style.

Tooting on the flute.

Young bandsmen strut their stuff

Walking out in style

Tooting on the flute

More Orangewomen on parade.

Having a great day out - a youthful band follower.

East Belfast Protestant Boys.

More Orangewomen 

Youthful band follower

East Belfast Protestant Boys

The Twelfth, Newtownards Road, Belfast July 12th 2003

Cambuslang.Britannia heading into the city

Cambuslang Britannia Flute Band drummers

Cambuslang Britannia colour party.

Cambuslang Britannia Flute Band

Cambuslang Britannia drummers

Cambuslang Britannia Colour Party

e02cambuslang.jpg (24381 bytes)

 Cambuslang Britannia Colour Party returns minus their tunics.

Nearly time to rest.. CBFB fluters return.

Heading back home in the heat.

 Cambuslang Britannia Colour Party returns

Nearly time to rest.. CBFB fluters return.

Back Home.  Dispersing at West Belfast Orange Hall, Shankill Road, Belfast.

LOL1960 disperses outside West Belfast Orange Hall.

Close-up of St Paul's Church Defenders LOL 1960's banner.

Breaking up.  Standing for the National Anthem.

LOL 1960 disperses outside the WBOH

Close-up of LOL 1960's banner

Standing for the National Anthem

All over for another year.  Lingering at the Orange Hall door.

Lingering at the Orange Hall door.

East Antrim Combine demonstration. Valley Park, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

Large crowds turned out.  A section of the five-deep crush on the O'Neill Road.

Straining to see the bands go by.

Large crowds gathered along the route.

The five-deep crush on the O'Neill Road

Straining to see the bands pass by.

Large crowds gathered along the route.

More pictures from the Belfast and Toronto Twelfth parades and from the Sham Fight at Scarva on July 14th 2003.


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