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Live and Loud

Cambuslang Britannia Flute Band


FROM the stirring traditional opening of Boyne Water, through to the rousing finale of Rule Britannia, Cambuslang Britannia's new 21-track CD Live and Loud is a must for all Loyalists.

A fine and varied mixture of tunes played in the band's own style including Apprentice Boys, Sands of the Shore, Highland Cathedral and many others is combined with a superb range of vocal tracks performed by the truly excellent Belfast group, Boys from the Glen. Their version of Billy McFadzean will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Recorded live in front of a sell-out crowd in Glasgow, the CD will roll back the memories of those lucky enough to be present, and provide a treat for those who missed a tremendous evening of Loyalist entertainment - as the lads proudly say, ‘Rule Britannia’!



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