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A Child's View

THE FIRST two weeks in July are known by many people as the ‘Twelfth Fortnight’.  I am going to tell you what I think of the two most important days of this fortnight.  They are the 11th and 12th of July.  

On the 11th of July at Midnight bonfires are lit in many areas.  However, I’m not too sure why!  It’s in celebration, but can anyone tell me?  (Also, does anyone know why there are Orange Arches and what the symbols on them mean?)  I like the 11th night as it is good fun and an excuse to stay up late.  We have a party with family and friends.  

In the morning of the 12th it’s up early (about 8.00am ) to get ready to go into Belfast to see the main parade and bands.  This goes from Clifton Street to the field at Edenderry.  I go with my Mum, Dad, Uncle, Grandad and Brother.  

As everyone tries to get the best view others are getting merchandise, such as sunglasses, hats, flags and masks.  My Brother and I always get something to remember the Twelfth and this year (2003) we both got Union Jack flags and masks.  

After it’s chips all round and then off to see the bands coming back again, which is rather entertaining.  I really like the Twelfth of July as it’s a really exciting time of the year.  I think the atmosphere is great. 

Louise Jenkinson.  (Age 12)


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