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Radio221/Calton Radio Review

When you log on to the Calton Protestant Defenders home page, the banner says it all - Radio221, streaming Orangeism 24/7. The radio station has been running for a few months and it has been an excellent addition to a site that is growing steadily and was introduced to the site under the guiding hands of BlueFin221 and other members of L.O.L.221.  

On the Forum board, there is plenty of help available for those who have any problem getting the radio to work, and once you get the stream from Radio221, it is outstanding. When this addition was introduced, they apparently had barely enough songs to play but now the songs number into the hundreds, probably thousands and being organized into playlists or folders and then streamed 24/7.

The concept and criteria the Administrators adhere to is simple.  Only songs portraying our Protestant, Orange and Loyalist culture will be played! Some songs may be construed as offensive and unfortunately the listener cannot choose which songs they want played, but as time and availability permits, songs will be organized into genres ( e.g. Christian, Orange, Bands, Choral, Loyalist, Culture, Favourites, etc) to be played on suitable days or by request thus preventing possible criticism of a very fine endeavour.

This will be another first for Radio221 and the Lodge members of 221 are providing a fantastic service for Protestants to listen to their cultural music, un-interrupted by adverts and pop-ups.  Plus you can choose Calton Radio/Radio221, Calton Trance (electronic music) or BBC Scotland, but I have to credit BlueFin221 for pulling the whole show together and looking for ways to improve it. He is the driving force behind it.  

I almost forgot another outstanding option. The one to load the radio into a separate window which then allows you to surf the net while Radio221 keeps on playing is a brilliant feature which makes the Radio very, very entertaining and the entire format is so professional you gotta love it!!

Fred, Scotland.

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